Sunday, April 15, 2012

Namaste Bags.... I want one...or two... or three

Have you seen these bags? Namaste's  knitting/crocheting/whatever bags are not only attractive but they do a good job of holding your projects for you.
 Plus there are smaller net like bags you can use to separate your projects although I just use plastic bags or anything handy.
Sadly, none of Namaste's bags come in orange, sigh, but I suppose not everyone is as enlightened as Moi (lol, I must be channeling Miss Piggy)

The design I reeeeeeaaallly like is no longer made but I will find one.

One of the other bags I like, the Laguna is apparently on its way out, Arrrrrgh!!!

Fortunately, I also like the Hermosa, though not in black. I much prefer the Espresso or the Eggplant color.

Anyhoo, I love these bags and plan to one or maybe more of them, if they're still around when I'm ready!
Oops, almost forgot to say that you can find the Laguna (for the moment) and the Hermosa at .

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  1. Hello :) I saw that bag in the design you want at my local yarn store... My Mom has one and I was looking for it online but only found the image on your site! Let me know and I can hook you up if you want to buy one... I think they were $85 + tax